The Panorama Factory m32 Edition with Batch Processing

The Panorama Factory m32 Edition with Batch Processing 5.3

It is a panoramic stitching program for Windows and Mac
5.3.2802 (See all)

The Panorama Factory m32 Edition with Batch Processing 5.2 is a very powerful application for creating panorama files from saved pictures.
The user interface, wizard styled, is a very easy to use way to create panorama projects. Multilingual support for many languages, including Japanese and Chinese. Adjacent images can be reordered, without the need of restarting all over again.

The application comes with more than 800 digital camera models in its database, to detect and correct all the possible camera tilt, focal length, used lenses, camera rotation, barrel distortion, brightness falloff, etc.

Users can set hotspots to create virtual tours, by linking VR pictures. Also, the application allows to create customized web pages or from predefined templates, including thumbnail indexes.

The application supports 24-bit color and 15-bit per RGB basic color (45-bit color). It can open and save BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF images, as well as export output files to other image formats, such as Photoshop layered format. Also, the program can open either negative or positive images.

Image overlapping can be set from 1 to 99%. The image alignment is fully automatic and, also, can be manually overrided. Lens and focal length can be automatically adjusted or easily refined by the user.

The batch processing feature enables bulk panorama renderings. Images can be scaled for creating thumbnail pictures.

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  • Very powerful and professional application. Batch processing allows to handle big panorama projects


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